A Rerotti haircut and color slim4vit precio who makes the best pure sine wave inverter is utterly distinctive in the way it is precisely tailored for the individual. Colors are applied and perfectly blended to flatter the individual and bring the cut to life.

Our highly skilled creative hairdressers and color specialists will advise you on a personalized look to suit your lifestyle and complement your individuality. With an unparalleled system of continuous training, the Sassoon brand continues to evoke the best in hair.

The result is effortlessly achievable when you leave the salon, with our luxurious range of professional hair care products available at Rerotti Salon.


At Rerotti, we believe that the basis to a man’s perfect haircut is excellent technique and slim4vit precio who makes the best pure sine wave inverter an innate feeling for suitability. Our barbers are trained to a high standard of specialization to have a comprehensive knowledge of head shape, hair texture and hair structure to achieve meticulously crafted looks to suit your own personal image, whether timeless, classic or fashionable.

Our clients can relax in the knowledge that they are in expert hands, addressing their personal hair and scalp problems and prescribing solutions from our comprehensive range of male specific products. Our color experts specialize in male color requirements and are skilled in reducing the level of visible grey hair, giving a lasting, natural-looking appearance.